The Dream Roll Blog 22 - My Top 5 sporting events to see around the world


During my travels around the world I have been lucky to see some of the must see sporting events that occur in each location. Here is my top 5 sporting events which I have seen so far during my travels, I have a number of other events which I want to see but here is my current top 5.


Number 1

English Premier League.

While in London, the must see sporting event is to attend an English Premier League Game, which is very possible for wheelchair users as all stadiums have wheelchair seating. During a recent trip in 2012 to London I saw a game at Craven Cottage the home of Fulham FC against Manchester City.

This has to be one of my favourite stadiums for wheelchair access around the world as the wheelchair seats were on the Fulham end on the corner three rows from the front, so no major stadium towers blocking the view or people sitting in front of you. This was a smaller stadium which has a great atmosphere. You can see any team in any division but an EPL game is a must.


Number 2

T20 Cricket in the Caribbean.

During my 2015 end of season trip, I had a short stay in Jamaica which aligned well with the local T20 Season. The wheelchair seating was in a fantastic location behind third man and front row at the Kingston stadium which has a huge tradition of cricket and we even got to see Chris Gayle hit a 100 during the game which made the crowed go wild. We didn’t need to book disabled seating just arrived at the ground, such a great experience while in Jamaica.


Number 3

Major League Baseball

The Major League Baseball in the US is such an incredible experience which has so many games during the season and huge crowds even on a week day afternoon. I have been to a number of games in Detroit and now during my trip racing in the US in 2015 to a game in Minneapolis which had a 40,000 seat stadium sold out all week during the series they were playing. I attended a game during my rest day between race meets and was lucky that the stadium was only a few small blocks from my hotel.

There is plenty of wheelchair seating all around the stadium for a variety of prices. I have sat side on around first base on the first tier before but this game I chose to sit in the outfield in line with the pitcher and batter which will be a life long memory with a very close game with a number of home runs being scored on a hot sunny day making it a an experience to remember.


Number 4

Tour De France Stage

As an Australian a must see experience is to see a stage of the Tour De France now that cycling is a huge sport in Australia. I was lucky enough to cross paths with the Tour while in London training for the 2014 Commonwealth Games between international races which allowed me to see the race fly into central London for a sprint finish. There is a huge build up to the riders flying past which adds to the whole experience. It is free to attend to see the event but you need to pick you location to be able to see the riders but well worth the experience.


Number 5 NHL

While in the US for the New York Marathon in 2013 I managed to see a game of a must see for an Aussie the New York Rangers at Maddison Square garden’s vs Boston. The tickets are cheap for US sporting events which helps draw large crowds. Wheelchair tickets were also available but at the top of a section of seating but a great experience and no need to pre book this event.

Most wheelchair seating needs to be pre booked so please contact booking site directly to book a seat to attend a sporting event with varying rules at each sport.

Other sporting events which I would love to see include a NFL game in the US, a US College sporting event.  The Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London, a Sumo match in Japan.

Other sporting events which have been an incredible experience but have missed out on my top 5 include the Tour of Switzerland Cycling race. Commonwealth Games, Diamond League athletics meetings in Paris, London, Zurich and others.

What sporting events have you attended around the world? What do you want to see? Until next time keep searching the world for your dream.



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