The Dream Roll Blog 23 - Horsing around in Slovenia

Over my years of exploring the world I have tried a range of local dishes and meats including kangaroo in Australia, guinea pig in South America, rabbit in Europe, ox tongue in China and the huge range of street food in every country, which has provided some of the best meals during my travels. In this Dream Roll blog I would like to share my experience of trying another local meat from my travels around the world.


While in Europe you hear of horse meat being served regularly but for many years I hadn’t tried any. I was recently in Slovenia where a local burger restaurant was recommended to me as a “must visit” so on my first night in town I headed straight for this local restaurant and ordered the horse burger. Yes, It was strange knowing I was eating horse, but the burger lived up to the high expectation and I would recommend anyone try a burger while in Slovenia. Yes it did have a different taste to a normal beef patty on a burger, and seemed to have less fat, but had a great taste.


So while backpacking around the world you must try anything and have a go, have an open mind. I regularly see travellers eating at major international fast food chains as they are unwilling to eat local food or try new experiences; this is not travelling or experiencing the local culture. You can see a Mc Donald’s in almost every country but to really travel you must eat in tiny little local restaurants and try local food you have never heard of. Trying the local food is all part of the experience, sometimes it can be a pleasant surprise and other times you regret what you randomly ordered from the menu  don’t understand , but that is the joy of traveling outside your home country and comfort zone.

The horse burger was very interesting and something that has been ticked of my travel list. What should I try next? What crazy local meat or meal have you tried during your travels? Until next time keep searching the world for your dream.


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